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From Law To Grace - Book

The gospel is not about a law you must keep. It is about receiving a life that will keep you. It is not about living this life out of fear. It is about living a life of faith. It is not about rules. It is about a relationship with the Father...

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A Redemptive Look At Revelation - 138 Message Audio Series

The book of Revelation is not about bugs as big as Volkswagens or godzilla monsters rising from the sea, it is a Revelation of Jesus Christ and His work. "In the volume of the book it is written of Him". ..

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Grace Leadership Conference 2017

For those who have been involved for any length of time in the message of grace, sooner or later the question concerning the wrath of God and of the end times will ultimately surface. The questions come not only from our congregations, but from leaders who are looking for answers as well. In this second leadership only conference, Dr. Hiles tackled some of the hard questions concerning eschatology...

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